Fermob colours

Fermob colours

When we started le petit jardin back in 2003 we were keen to be able to offer some classic French café furniture and a few years later we started working with Fermob, who make some classic café style furniture in a fantastic range of colours – and a lot more as well.

Back then, our customers mainly chose furniture in a single colour, be that a bright red poppy set of Bistro or a classic 1900 set in willow green. Over the years though we’ve noticed a shift and people choosing a more mixed palette of colours; whether that is a mixed set in romantic, soft pastel shades or a bright, even shocking blast of bright colours for possibly a more contemporary, modern setting.

The colour range continues to evolve, with new colours added most years, and occasionally some colours being retired. Fermob always introduce new colours in the context of the whole range; with this in mind, many colours can be mixed together, either in pairs, three ways or more.

Below, we’ve displayed the current range of colours; clicking on any of the colour circles will take you to another page with more detailed information on that colour, including some suggested combinations for mixing them up with other colours.

And, please click here to browse the range of Fermob we have available.

If there is anything you’ve seen on Fermob’s website that you can’t find here, please get in touch as we may not have added everything to our website and we are more than happy to discuss and explain the range.

Also, Fermob have a great article on their website about combining colours.

The 2021 colours

For 2021, Fermob is again offering a choice of 24 metal colours in its chart.

Of these, 15 are available in fabric colours, their Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF), although not all ranges incorporating fabric are available in all the fabric colours. Please see the individual ranges and items for the exact choice of colour.

The new colour for 2021 is Opaline Green (83).

Click any of the coloured boxes to see more information about that colour and suggestions for combining it with other colours.

Mixing colours

What we suggest (and it is only a suggestion – you know your garden and your own unique style) is to start with a base colour for a key piece of furniture.

This might be the table or bench that will be the main focus that catches your eye in the garden. Then add in some other colours, either to complement and subtly extend the range of colours, or maybe to accent and strike a contrast.


To start, the following colours are the basic or neutral ones in the range. One of these might form a grounding choice for the main piece, such as a table in the centre of a dining area.


These colours soften the colour scheme without overloading the senses; they provide a breathing space for more items without introducing a contrast.

Intense colours:

These colours are where you can bring in an accent or colour pop; they add another dimension or a new depth to your setting.

Bright colours:

These colours bring in a sense of light – perhaps more vibrancy than the intense colours.

About the finish of the paints

Fermob furniture is finished with a very durable powder coating process. Within the range there are two textures; a matt, textured finish and a smooth, satin finish. If you look at each colour (by clicking on one of the colour circles) you can see more information about that colour, including whether it is a textured matt finish or the smooth, satin one.

We’ve made a page with a little more information about the paint finishes here.

Colours and fabrics

Fermob also make extensive use of the colour palette across the fabrics in the furniture collections. See here for more information.

Discontinued colours for 2021

For 2021, Verbena (29) has been discontinued. If you would like any furniture in this colour, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help. Discontinued colours may still be available from remaining stock or to order, but may be subject to longer lead times.

The full Fermob collection

We haven’t counted them but we think there are somewhere in the region of over 2,500 products in the full Fermob range when you take into account all the possible combinations of products and colours.

Please click here to browse the range of Fermob we have available.