The 1900 range of furniture is part of the romantic French tradition in parks and terraces. Perfectly suited to a garden setting, either surrounded by billowing herbaceous plants or formal topiary. Alternatively, it looks great on a sunny city balcony with a contemporary twist to tradition. 1900 stands the test of time; regarded as a design classic and rightly so. An exciting range of colours, it allows you to express your creativity; a pop of Pink Praline creates a fabulously fun and contemporary look, whereas Rosemary or Willow Green is soft and timeless.

Hand-made in France

French tradition lives hand in hand with modern production and manufacture. In the spotless factory near the city of Lyon, each piece of the 1900 range is hand-forged and welded by a craftsman. From there, it goes through many modern methods of anti-corrosion treatment before being powder coated. A durable and practical finish, suited to modern living and the knocks and traffic of hectic domestic life.

This collection, steeped in history, and inspired by tradition, romance, intimacy, garden suppers and fun. So, suspend time, listen to nature, read a book… joie de vivre!!

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