The compact and curvy Sixties collection perfectly embodies the Fermob attitude: resolutely young and laid-back. With welcoming curves, a colourful aluminium frame, a resin seat that’s sensual to the touch, and airy woven patterns, Sixties promises gentle moments outside and in.

Comprising a light frame with a hard-wearing woven seat, the seats are available in four different colour combinations; however the table comes in all the Fermob colours.

The range comprises a low table with complementary bench and chair, as well as a higher chair suited to dining.

The tables is available in all of the Fermob colours, with the chairs and bench in a subset of the colours. Due to the resin woven seat material, a limited palette is currently available.

Designed by Frédéric Sofia and awarded a VIA Label in 2010.

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Showing all 4 results