Boot room & fire‑side

Here you’ll find some beautiful and hand-crafted items for your boot room & fire-side. Maybe we haven’t really got a dedicated boot room, but even if it’s a porch or hallway, some of our wellington boot racks can help organise the space whilst being both stylish and practical. Or maybe a hanging boot rack for getting those wellies out of the way, along with simply styled oak peg rails for coats, gloves and scarves?

What’s in the boot room & fire-side

For the fire-side, we’ve finally found some bellows; oak and leather with gorgeous detailing, a modern version of a traditional tool. Alternatively, we also have the more European solution to the same problem, known as a bouffadou. It’s a fire blower, a hollow tube with wooden parts that you can use to nudge embers into a roaring flame.

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